Other Recognition

Officer of the Quarter
Kyle O'Brien
Kyle O'Brien
 Kyle O’Brien is an FTO assigned to weekend nights and as such fills the role of shift leader in several ways.  Kyle steps up to assist with citizen ride-alongs when the field sergeant is not available.  This has happened three times in the last two months and Kyle represents the Department in a very professional manner.

Kyle has spent many hours, both on and off duty, organizing the Baker 2 Vegas relay.  This has required Kyle to attend meetings in Los Angeles as well as communicate with our partner teammates at Montclair PD.  Kyle organized a T-shirt sale and gun raffle as event fundraisers.  Kyle scheduled runners based on ability, which required Kyle having some personal knowledge of each runner’s skills.

Kyle does the items mentioned above, all while still being a consistent performer during his work shift.  Kyle is consistently making quality arrests and takes traffic enforcement seriously with citations being issued almost daily.  Kyle is always on time and stays until all the work is completed and done.

Kyle is an example of the type of officer needed here at the Upland Police Department.  He goes above and beyond to make everyone feel included, appreciated and needed.  He is a hard worker and dedicated employee.

Kyle O’Brien exemplifies the Mission and Values of the Upland Police Department.
Please join me in congratulating Kyle!